Protagonist pad





Level Ranking

PRO Advanced

Earn a minimum of 2500 PROPAD

Protagonist : Speed+ 
Grieldelin : Speed+
X Æ A-12 : Attack+
Zattia : Defense+
Isaaka : Defense+

PRO Arch

Earn a minimum of 5000 PROPAD

Protagonist : Defense+
Grieldelin : Attack+
X Æ A-12 : Speed+
Zattia : Attack+
Isaaka : Speed+

PRO Master

Earn a minimum of 12000 PROPAD

Protagonist : Speed+
Grieldelin : Speed+
X Æ A-12 : Defense+
Zattia : Defense+
Isaaka : Attack+

PRO Supreme

Earn a minimum of 8000 PROPAD

Protagonist : Attack+
Grieldelin : Defense+
X Æ A-12 : Defense+
Zattia : Speed+
Isaaka : Attack+

The End Territory - Protagonist

The End Territory was a vast area that existed for many eras. It was a plain with beautiful scenery of the countryside and numerous shinden-zukuri-style buildings which can be distinguished by their wooden structures elevated slightly above the ground with tiled or thatched roofs. At the center was the Sword Dao sect, the most well-known and most powerful sect that produced thousands of geniuses of the sword in every era. The sect was engulfed by a sword aura that came from the intent of the numerous ancestors of the sect who had died for its sake. Acceptance into the Sword Dao sect was a tremendous honor and gave the disciple status and power. Of course, surviving there was a different story. Every living being had one thing in common with the End Territory: they placed their honor before everything. Honor and bravery were the sole foundation of their world, and they preferred death before humiliation.

The Roaming Forest – Grieldelin

The forest was limitless, crowded, and blooming. Its canopy was overshadowed by hemlock, sequoia, and larch. Cascading lights bounced between the leaves, allowing for bright herbs to reign over the soft, rich soils below. Quiet tree limbs dangled from most trees, and a variety of flowers, which desperately tried to claim the last remnants of light, caught attention in the otherwise beige terrain. A hodgepodge of beastly noises caused by varmints brightened up the forest and was backed by the barrage of noise coming from a waterfall in the distance. The rules of the forest were simple: the strong survive and dominate and the weak die early and become food for the strong.

Multiverse - X Æ A-12

The Multiverse was the pinnacle of technological advancement for the human race. The world was full of buildings so high that they pierced the clouds, and it was full of cars flying through the Multiverse. The population consisted mostly of humans, yet there were also robots with the same intellect as humans. The inhabitants lived a carefree life and were governed by the nobility only until X Æ A-12 returned to take back what was rightfully his.

The Arid Realms - Isaaka

The Arid Realms was an energetic world where a powerful wind nearly lifts you off your feet while rain barrages down, freezing you within minutes. A spectacular world welcomes you, and a childish curiosity takes over your mind. Immediately, your mind begins to wonder what is behind that hill or what lives atop that twisted tree. This world is no breeze, but now is not the moment to throw caution to the wind. Nearby, you vaguely distinguish silhouettes of the most bizarre-looking creatures. Some have noticed you, and their interest has peaked; however, the time to take risks is definitely not now. You can see scaly creatures, slithering creatures, and what you think might be small creatures of some sort. You know you have got everything sorted and prepared as you are about to set foot upon this uncharted terrain. Nevertheless, with some scouting experience, an eye for details, and some solid planning, you know you will be able to make the most of this adventure. This is the world where Isaaka was born—a realm full of mysteries and dangers where she dedicated her life to avenging her tribe.

The Obscure Room - Zattia

The Obscure Room, home of the mages, was a world where death was as common as day and night. The air was uncomfortably humid and hot, causing one to burst into a sweat immediately. In this world, one wondered whether or not the senses could be trusted. Surely, a world could not have been as seemingly pleasant as this one. In spite of its treacherous landscapes, one did not feel in constant danger. As this world was no walk in the park, with great risk came great reward. Only the most powerful and clever mages could live in these lands in which war seemed routine. Clans needed a solid foundation with strong ancestors to prosper for numerous generations within the Obscure Room. This was the land where Zattia, the most powerful mage in history, was born.